Busting the Real Estate Myths – #1

Myth # 1

I don’t need a real estate agent.

‘I used to be in real estate but I’m not anymore’. …

We have heard those words more times then we can count, from buyers and sellers alike.

However, when we sold our own home, we didn’t sell it ourselves, we hired another real estate agent.  Why?  Because we wanted a third party to negotiate the highest price possible on our behalf.


When it comes to selling, yes the staging, photos, brochures, website and social media advertising has to be spot on but the negotiations are the crucial part that has to be done absolutely right!

Now we can negotiate with the best of them, but negotiations for your most expensive asset are always best where sellers and buyers have a mediator – someone in the middle – as these discussions about especially extremely large sums of money and something as personal as your family home are often fraught with lots of tension!

Selling your property can be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, apart from when you purchased it.  You may feel confident in selling it yourself, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get a better result or save yourself money in the long run – plus it will take up a lot of your time and emotional energy.

If you’re tempted, please consider this.  When buyers inspect your home, what are you going to tell them?  How will you cope with any negative comments about your pride and joy?  Whatever you say, buyers will pick up that you have no real experience or in depth market knowledge and your personal connection.  Buyers today are really savvy.

When buyers see a seller trying to save thousands on real estate agent fees, they will just offer less.  And they do, it really does happen.  Then you have done all that hard work and stress for nothing.  Let us handle the marketing, sale and the negotiations for you, that is what we specialise in, it is our life and our passion!

About us, Agents Darryn & Kerrylea …

We know we’re different to other real estate agents, we not only have the knowledge and experience required, but we also have the life skills to understand our vendors’ needs at a time when they need us the most …

We don’t just sell property, we market your property to reach the largest range of buyers, so you’re assured of receiving the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time.  We’re working for you our vendor!

We look forward to meeting you soon, if we don’t know you already … and for you to become one of our VIP CFL’s – ‘Clients for Life’ …

Darryn & Kerrylea Harrison (AgentsDK) & Zeeva …